Ceramic Clay Bowl

Ceramic Clay Bowl
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"I am a fourth generation maker, tinkerer, woodworker and artist.  I grew up watching my family turn spindles on a rickety homemade lathe in our barn, eating delicious rustic homegrown meals, and growing anything and everything you can imagine in the family garden.”  Aron Fischer – Facture Goods

 Simple is beautiful. And I love the simple aesthetic and handmade beauty of Aron’s ceramic bowl. Initially I tried one to see if it would work for a clay mask and it was perfect. 

Each ceramic bowl is made by hand and will vary slightly in shape and color, reflecting its handcrafted nature.

 Approximately 3 inches in diameter and the perfect size for mixing our clay masks. 


Handmade ceramic mask bowl.


The small, fits-in-the-palm-of-your-hand bowl is the perfect size for mixing a clay mask.


Red clay with white (nontoxic) glaze.