Skin as the messenger

"We need the tonic of wildness." ~ Henry David Thoreau

  • Skin is the transmitter, the liaison, the connector between us and the cosmos. Through our skin, we know the elements: we feel the heat of fire, the coolness of water, the magic of air, and the nourishment

  • of earth. Skin is a messenger; it is a portal. Our skin grounds us – out of the ether and into our bodies. Through our skin we experience the world. And through our skin the world experiences us.

  • The skin is an exquisite delivery system. It experiences life directly through the sense of touch and the sense of smell reconnecting us with the natural world. It’s an experience that has a transformative effect, not only on the skin, but also on the central nervous system, which is so out of balance in today’s tech-heavy world.

    The skin is a diagnostic tool, communicating the inner workings of our bodies. Through it we see systemic heat, digestive, hormonal

  • and nervous system imbalances. Not only is it a mirror of our inner-world, it’s also a mirror of our outer-world – a reflection of the soil, the ‘skin of the earth’. Both skin and soil have three layers and a protective top layer. Each is home to a rich microbiome, and each exchanges nutrients and gasses with the outside world.

  • Beyond the striking similarities of structure and function, we also see that modern skin care treatments reflect the practices of modern agriculture. Current commonly accepted agricultural practices take little consideration of the long-term health of the soil. Mono-cropping, pesticides, and over-working of fields leaves the soil stripped of its nutrients and life force. In a similar shortsighted manner, over use of invasive treatments, exfoliants, and prescription medication leaves the skin overworked, stripped and sterilized.

  • Yet today there is a resurgence of farmers respecting the earth, working to nourish the soil, and support the harmony and complexity of the microbiome. By bringing a diversity of nutrients to the skin in the form of oils, hydrosols, butters and clays, we too are realigning ourselves – our skin and bodies – with the rhythms of the earth.

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