• Feb 16,2016 - Blog Post

    Handcrafted Sustainable Beauty

    Sustainable beauty is the use of products that are themselves sustainable in production as well as sourcing-wise. They support the very long term relationship we have, or should have, with our skin. Using products that are “sustainable” with regards to everyday use as well as bestowing progressive, long term benefits for skin health; and are themselves sourced sustainably is the very hub of the wheel that we satellite around.  
    The sustainable thought expands to include the relationships we have with our growers (farmers that are friends), the community of people who work with us, as well as being a guiding principle for me when I embark on the journey to design a new product. Will the raw materials I choose be available long term? How will sourcing them impact the immediate and global environment? Do they function on the skin in a progressive beneficial way? Does the product feature an ingredient simply for media embellishment, or does it have a purpose? 
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