The Skin Breathes

The Skin Breathes

Skinbreathes_yogaOne of the essential facts I learned as an aesthetician is that the skin is alive; it has a rhythm, an inhalation and an exhalation. It absorbs (inhales) oxygen, nutrients, senses light, and regulates heat and cold. It releases (exhales) carbon dioxide, sheds dead skin cells and completely regenerates itself every 28 days. As I would touch and move my hands over the face, I was amazed at the skin's response. Its aliveness was visible in its ability to transform the natural skin care preparations I was applying, the warmth of my touch activating the skin's ability to absorb nutritive oils, serums and hydrosols.

This sheath of protective covering we call skin is remarkable. It is not only an organ of perception; it also interacts with other organ systems such as digestion and is the on-site manufacturer of roughly fifty percent of our immune cells. The skin is an unbelievably flexible and resilient fabric providing shape to the skeletal and muscular body. It is in a constant state of homeostasis, displays exceptional healing abilities, and as our external nervous system, declares our emotions to the world.

Skinbreathes_doveThe homeopathic philosophy, 'less is more', is applicable when evaluating skin treatment lines. For instance, generally I don't recommend a cream on the skin in the evening. During the night metabolism and respiration have slowed and we are in our deepest rest. One of the most important functions of the skin during the night is to repair and renew. Along with the lungs and kidneys, the skin is one of three major pathways the body uses to release metabolic impurities from the digestive process, and it does this through thousands of tiny dermal pores, therefore the less used on the skin at night, the better. When needed however, I suggest a small amount of one of our nutritive Oil Serums in combination with our hydrating Facial Tonic Hydrosols. This lightly vitalizing natural oil and water combination, so similar in structure to sebum, allows the skin to breathe.

The fundamentals necessary to creating and maintaining healthy skin include a balance of nourishing foods and pure water, time spent in quiet contemplation, and exercise that encourages a healthy sweat and deep breathing.

If you follow these few simple suggestions you will find yourself in the midst of a life well lived.


It has a rhythm, an inhalation and an exhalation.

It is made up of literally millions of tiny dermal passages regulating the inward movement of air, fluids, heat and light. In healthy skin, these passages are unobstructed, and each breath activates the absorption of nutritive substances and stimulates vital functions of a restorative nature.

Unlike other products, evanhealy does not use synthetic or artificial ingredients that coat or cover the skin interfering with its own natural functions.