Our Summer Distillation Workshop

Here I am with our lovely NYC rep, Suzanne Pinnix at Running Springs Ranch

Here I am with our lovely NYC rep, Suzanne Pinnix at Running Springs Ranch

"On a gloriously sunny August morning we gathered at a pristine, rural area in northeastern Washington state, a small group of enthusiastic evanhealy friends and colleagues, sun hats on, to hand-harvest certified organic rose geranium (Pelargonium capitatum) for distillation in a stunning copper alembic still that was handmade in Portugal. We ended up harvesting a total of about 100 lbs of plant material that morning, and later distilled 8lbs which yielded one gallon of fresh hydro-SOUL (my new name for hydrosol!) enough for each of us to have a bottle to take home." - Evan Healy

Most distillations concentrate on the essential oil with the resulting hydrosol becoming the by-product, yet over the years the therapeutic value of hydrosols as healing substances, uniquely suited for skin and body care application, has been widely recognized. Using copper instead of stainless steel results in sweeter, more complex notes and a hydrosol that is immediately usable.

A hydrosol is co-created along with the essential oil during stream/or hydro distillation of freshly harvested plants. Traditional distillation refers to the alchemical process of transforming plant matter into vapor in an alembic copper still. Attention to detail is given to each phase of the process- from organic cultivation and utilization of fresh plant material to constant supervision and subtle manipulation of temperature, pressure, timing and pH value.This slower method of distillation utilizes the lowest heat and pressure, and differs significantly from commercial steam distillation in stainless steel that uses high temperatures, high pressure and a shorter distillation time.

Hydrosol is a fluid ‘plant-milk’ and embodies the soul of the plant, symbolizing a transformation of spirit (ether) into matter (water). Aromatic molecules are the plant’s immune system, and a hydrosol represents the watery aspect of this complex, intelligent system – a system that has biologically adapted over millions of years to live in symbiotic harmony with its environment. Hydrosols are gentle botanical remedies and their extraordinary aromatic vitality acts to subtly reawaken the quiet connection we have to nature.

The fragrance of a freshly distilled hydrosol contains the dynamic matrix of Mother Earth in it's aroma and brings to us all the energy and vitality of plants and earth to our psyche, our skin and our spirits to uplift, refresh, restore and hydrate...CLICK HERE to be taken to Rose Geranium Facial Tonic Hydrosol Rose Geranium Facial Tonic


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