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Hydrosol Distillation with Evan: Video

Evan harvests and distills rose geranium hydrosol on a certified organic farm in northeastern Washington, August, 2011.

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Evan demos Whipped Shea Butter as a Moisturizing Treatment Mask: Video

Evan demonstrates how easy it is to apply her Whipped Shea Butter as a Moisturizing Treatment Mask. You can see precisely how much Shea she uses in the treatment, how she layers it on the face, and how she applies steamy hot washcloths to help penetrate the Shea into the skin. A wonderful treatment that you can do at home once a week. Allow anywhere from 10 to 45 minutes.

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Evan demos Whipped Shea Butter as a Daytime Moisturizer: Video

Evan shows how to apply her Whipped Shea Butter as a daytime moisturizer. She walks you through the process from warming it up in the palm of her hands to massaging gently all over the face using the heat of her hands to penetrate the healing balm into the skin. It's a nutrient dense treatment and the ultimate in protection for sensitive and wounded skin.

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Evan demos Facial Tonic Hydrosols: Video

Evan shows you how to apply her Hydrosols with saturating, drenching blasts to the skin for added tone and hydration. This is an exquisite firming and refreshing treatment using hand harvested plant material, a vitalizing aromatic treatment for all skin conditions.

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Evan demos Oil and Water: Video

Evan shows you how to combine her Facial Tonic Hydrosols with her Oil Serums. These two basics provide complete nourishment for all skin conditions including skin that is dry, dehydrated, mature, broken, inflamed, sensitive, normal. It leaves the skin glowing, toned and hydrated.

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Evan demos Clay Mask Treatment: Video

Evan uses a fan mask brush and clay bowl to show you how to combine clay with water to make a creamy mask. She demonstrates how to apply it all over the face, using steamy hot washcloths to remove. Clay is an effective treatment for cleansing and purifying the pores of the skin. You can use as a daily treatment for all skin conditions from problem and congested to dry and mature. Allow 10 to 20 minutes for this eco-alternative to alpha-hydroxy acids.

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Evan on holistic skin care: Audio/Visual

Evan discusses her philosophy of holistic skin care based on restoration and regeneration. Restoring the skin’s ability to self-regulate and regeneration of skin tissue at a cellular level. Other themes include: the skin breathes; long-term skin health; the less you interfere with the skin’s own ability to achieve balance the better; and the false promise of the magic bullet. As a holistic aesthetician Evan does not rely on cosmeceuticals and other invasive treatments such as AHAs and fruit acids, which dissolve the epidermal layer of the skin. Rather Evan borrows from the wisdom of nature visible in her ingredients. Evan has 20-plus years experience & wisdom in natural skin care working with artisan growers & distillers, using the whole wisdom of the plant.

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Evan on 'the skin breathes': Audio/Visual

Evan discusses ‘the skin breathes’ and how to restore moisture & hydration through her Oil Serums and Facial Tonic Hydrosols (‘oil and water’). Evan describes the skin as ‘little lungs’ being made up of thousands of tiny dermal pores inhaling nutritive substances and exhaling metabolic impurities; underlining her belief that products used on the skin should not contain synthetic ingredients, which clog the pores.

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Evan on Clay: Audio/Visual

Evan exfoliates the skin with clays, mixed with active ingredients, to draw out metabolic impurities, to detoxify. Clay has been used for millennium; it is alive, a product of the Earth’s crust, full of minerals and silica – the building blocks of hair, skin and nails. Clay draws out dead skin cells, absorbs excess oil, and leaves the skin polished and refined.

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Evan on Shea: Audio/Visual

Evan rebuilds the epidermal layer of damaged skin with her Whipped Shea Butters, which she describes as ‘the ultimate protection for skin’. A product of Equatorial Africa, they are handmade, certified organic & unrefined. Enlivened with gentle flower essences, they can be used as a daytime moisturizer or as a cream treatment mask.

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Breakouts are okay: Audio/Visual

Evan explains what happens when the skin breaks out. Holistic skin care stimulates the elimination of toxins; Evan says it's like a deep sigh of relief for the skin. Conventional skin care blocks, counteracts and suppresses the skin’s own innate ability to heal itself.

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The skin is always changing: Audio/Visual

The skin participates with other organs of digestion and metabolism. It is always changing and adapting you to your environment.

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