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BREAKING News: We Age.


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A frequently asked question is:

Which of your products have the best anti-aging benefits?

While I most certainly understand the desire to look and feel our best, and to mitigate the progression of time, I am ultimately against the term "anti-aging" for the simple reason that it sends a very negative message. The inescapable and unavoidable fact is (are you sitting down?) - we all age.
The goal therefore, is to age with grace and vibrant, glowing good health!
But the 'anti' word doesn't work. It keeps the endless loop of marketing hype in the negative side of our shimmering consciousness, and it keeps the cosmetic chemists busy creating toxic chemicals that fuel the never ending quest for the ultimate in ANTI-AGING products.

I prefer to support and encourage working towards strengthening health rather than fighting aging as a primary goal in caring for our skin, and to that end here is our position - and product suggestions- that we feel answer the question of what to use, and how to minimize signs of aging - and let's face it - who doesn't want to do that?
I know I do.

"All of our products can be considered "anti-aging" because they work to balance and heal the skin. Anti-aging is a myth. We will all age. The question is really about aging healthy and vibrantly. The three most important products you can be using on your skin is one of our oil serums mixed with a HydroSoul, and your weekly clay mask. If you want some extra 'anti aging' benefits, add in our Sea Algae Serum that is light, silky, firming serum with CoQ10, bio-fermented seaweed, and hylauronic acid.

- Evan

Wednesday August 7 2013

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